RHSCL – wish list results

A few months ago, I invited you to tell us: 1) which Red Hat Software Collections are you using, 2) which do you plan to use, and 3) what new components would you like added to Red Hat Software Collections?  Here are the results:

“What are you using today?”  The vote:

1.  A first place tie between Python (slightly more for 2.7 than 3.3) and PostgreSQL
3.  A tie for third:  Ruby and PHP
5.  the others were a distant 5th

“What are you intending to use?”  The vote:

  • Results:  pretty much the same as above except (and this is not a spoiler alert) most of you are moving to Python 3.3
  • Plus MariaDB is becoming popular too.

“What do you want to see added?”  Here are your top 10 responses in priority order (based on the number of votes):

  1. Ruby 2.x
  2. Apache httpd 2.4
  3. Boost
  4. Nginx
  5. MongoDB
  6. PHP 5.5
  7. PostgreSQL 9.3
  8. Qt
  9. Tomcat
  10. Docker

Does this list map to your priorities?  It’s never too late to vote for a future release, so I encourage you to do so here.

For more information about Red Hat Software Collections or Red Hat Developer Toolset, visit developer.redhat.com/RHEL.

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About Mike Guerette

Mike leads the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Program (which includes developer tools like Red Hat Developer Toolset and Red Hat Software Collections) and is currently a blogger and curator for developerblog.redhat.com. Follow @MikGue. With more than 30 years of industry experience, Mike has worked as a product manager and in partner business development at Digital, Compaq, HP, and Avaya. He has lots of experience with a variety of platforms and technologies including operating systems, middleware, BPM, cloud, and more.

5 thoughts on “RHSCL – wish list results

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