Accidental DevOps day at DevNation and Red Hat Summit

There is only one day left for Red Hat Summit and DevNation, and my brain is about at capacity for what it will be able to remember! I had a most excellent day yesterday (Wednesday) and I am so proud of my teammates. They rocked their presentations!

The amusing and frustrating part about the day was that I had 2-3 presentations picked out for each time slot, and it was very hard to make a decision on where to go. Is “eeny, meeny, miny, mo” an appropriate way to select talks? I also did not intend to get three talks into a day that all had something to do with DevOps! (more…)

Repost: GearD: The Intersection of PaaS, Docker and Project Atomic | Openshift Blog

Such a hot topic!  Matt Hicks, Director, Red Hat OpenShift Engineering, explains how these work together.

GearD: The Intersection of PaaS, Docker and Project Atomic

via GearD: The Intersection of PaaS, Docker and Project Atomic | Openshift Blog.

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Tech Fun Day at DevNation – a review of Tuesday

WARNING: Shameless plug! If you do nothing else today, you should go to these two Red Hat Summit tracks. Not only are the guys speaking the smartest dudes in the room, closet super heroes and have all held world records for Olympic speed walking, they work in the same department as me and can give you a look into how Red Hat IT is using Red Hat products.

Meeting the challenge with PaaS: OpenShift in the enterprise – 10:40 with Tom Benninger, Andrew Butcher, and Anderson Silva – Track Details

Red Hat JBoss Middleware in the trenches – 3:40 with Tim Bielawa and Andrew Block* – Track Details *Andrew is in consulting at Red Hat, but since he presenting with my teammate Tim, he gets a shameless plug too. :D 

Now… let’s talk about what I did all day yesterday. (more…)

Repost: RHEL 7 Release Candidate and Atomic Host

Yesterday, Red Hat announced these two important RHEL 7 items:   Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Release Candidate & Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host.  Be sure to read them!

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Day One at DevNation – through a DevOps Lens

With the individual tracks coming to close on Day One at DevNation conference, I wanted to share the key takeaways, funny comments, and facepalm moments I experienced.

Agile architecture and design with Neal Ford 

One of the most compelling presentations of the day, Neal validated a lot of the decisions that I have been involved in over the past 5 months in a DevOps enablement team; specifically around the most memorable quote of the talk:

“Defer design decisions until the last possible responsible moment. The longer the delay, the more relevant the data for design.” -Neal Ford